Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mini MUA Haul!

Another month, another hard time trying to not spend anything and save up for my holiday... Once again, I failed, and I blame it all on MUA! It was Tuesday evening, and I was just casually checking my Facebook when all of a sudden I came across this post. I popped right on over to the website and just couldn't resist hitting the 'add to cart' button, I had to have it! Whilst I was on their page I noticed that they have recently joined up with another brand you can find in Superdrug, Fashionista. This was great news, and I couldn't resist picking up a little something from their range too.

 The first thing to catch my eye was this amazing palette, containing a whopping 28 eyeshadows (ranging from pearl, matte and high shimmer finishes), a bronzer, a blusher and a highlighter as well as several little applicators to boot! I've not tried any of these out yet but cannot wait to get my hands (or rather my brushes) on them!

Anyone who knows anything about me will know I'm a complete lipstick fanatic, and despite picking one up only the other day I just couldn't contain myself and this appeared too! The Fashionista Double Take lipsticks boast a luxuriously creamy texture, leaving a super pigmented 'modern matte' finish. I popped this on as soon as I was done taking pictures of it and so far so good. It lives up to it's creamy formula and is still going strong a few hours later. The shade I chose, Ultra Pink, is a gorgeous hot pink - perfect for Summer!

Delivery wise, I didn't expect anything too spectacular. The site said that products are usually dispatched within 5 days of ordering and can be expected to be delivered a few days after that, but boy oh boy was I surprised! After making the order Tuesday night, I received and email saying they had been dispatched yesterday and they arrived with my postman today! Absolutely fantastic!

All in all, I can't wait to try these out. Both products can be bought from The BNTM palette was £7.00 on an introductory offer (usual price £12.00) and the lipstick was an incredible £3.00!

Let me know if you'd like to see any of these products reviewed, I'm sure if I love them as much as I hope reviews should come within the next couple of weeks anyway!

Have you tried any MUA or Fashionista products? What did you think of them? Will you be picking up the BNTM palette?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekend Wishlist #4: Boohoo Special

Long time no see! I think it's safe to say I have well and truly neglected my blog this month, but hopefully I'll be getting into the swing of things again starting today. I'm gonna try and get a few posts up this week to get things up and running again! It's been a busy few weeks since I last posted, I won't go into detail here but if you want to know what I've been up to then let me know and that could be a whole other post!

Anyway, another weekend, another wishlist. This week I am seriously loving Boohoo, and have been stalking their new in section non-stop bookmarking all sorts to buy when I finally get some money in my hands. Here are my top picks!

1. I've been lusting after the Crown & Glory floral headbands for ages now, but have never been too sure whether one would suit me. This cute dupe is a fraction of the price and would be super sweet for summer, and if it doesn't suit me then it's only £6.00!

2. Anyone who knows me will know I've had a love affair with anchors for years. There's just something about them I've always loved, and these cute studs are no exception.

3. It's a striped pinafore... Need I say more?! Dungaree and pinafore styles are HUGE right now, as is monochrome so this dress ticks all the boxes. I'm loving both of these trends right now, so this is very me. Come payday this will be mine!

4. I'm really loving the Bardot style off the shoulder look at the moment too. There's just something about it which is super sexy but classic and timeless, especially in this gorgeous vibrant red. I'd wear this with high waisted skirts or with this striped pinafore dress to hide that wobbly stomach and to define my waist.

5. Oh my.. these shoes.. I have no words. I'm not usually one for heels. At 5'8 I usually end up around 6ft with heels (giant anyone?) and I'll admit I'm not the best at walking in them, but there's just something about these. The chunky platform heel makes them look way comfier to walk in than most (keep telling yourself that Rachel!) and the whole chunky style in general would toughen up the girliest of dresses. A must.

So, I'm back and rambling with a vengeance. I think this break has fried my brain! Are you loving Boohoo as much as me recently? What's on your wishlist?

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