Friday, 30 August 2013

Desk Essentials #1: Nougat London Nurturing Hand Cream

 Nougat London Fig & Pink Cedar Nurturing Hand Cream 

Working in a cold office eight hours a day, five times a week calls for some serious desk pampering! An absolute essential to have on my desk at the minute is hand cream as those pesky dry patches are tragically becoming a more regular appearance. My pick? Nougat London's Nurturing Hand Cream.

Having got this in my July Birchbox, I stupidly threw it in my 'to try' pile, by which I mean to try in months to come when I can find it again. However, after an amazing weeks holiday in Lanzarote and the blues that ensued as I returned to work my hands were not in the best condition. Searching through my long last stash, I rediscovered this handsaver. 

A luxuriously rich texture, this hand cream is enriched with cocoa butter, almond and macademia oils (that's some seriously smoothing properties going on!) to aid in softening, smoothing and protecting your hands and nails. A little definitely goes a long way with this product, and this tiny sample size has lasted me a week so far! It doesn't leave a greasy film like so many others do, which gives it a huge thumbs up from me... Who wants greasy hands when they're trying to type all day!? And the scent... Oh boy. It is truly beautiful. Light and fresh, yet strong and almost empowering, the gorgeous fig and pink cedar scent lingers hours after application. 

A gorgeous, non-greasy, thick and beautifully scented hand cream? What's not to love!? I'll definitely be purchasing this when this cutie runs out!

What are your desk heroes? Have you tried any of the Nougat London hand creams?

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