Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Robyn Mayday 500 follower giveaway!

The lovely Robyn over at Robyn Mayday has just hit 500 GFC followers, and to celebrate she is holding a UK giveaway! There a three fabulous prizes up for grabs for one lucky winner; the cutest watch you will ever see, a gorgeous monochrome clutch and a very on trend oxblood supersoft beanie.

All you have to do to be in to win this amazing giveaway is to head on over to Robyn's blog and fill in the Rafflecopter form. It really is as easy as that!

                                                        Gold Moving Bunny Chase Watch | ASOS
Black and Off White Clutch Bag | Primark
Oxblood / Berry Angora Mix Beanie Hat | Primark

Will you be congratulating Robyn and entering the giveaway?

Rachel x

*All images taken from


Monday, 15 October 2012

Topshop: Dark Side of Nude

"Gothic goes glamorous with our decadent capsule make-up collection, Dark Side of Nude. Vampy-claret lips are teamed with metallic mushroom eyes and an icy pale base for a high shine and high impact look."

Another season, another new make-up collection for Topshop. This time, with Halloween right around the corner, the collection is encapsulating all things spooky incorporating it into their packing as well as the fabulous range of shades available. The collection has 9 luxury products to offer this time round including 4 nail polishes, 2 lipsticks, 2 eye palettes and a mascara:

             Eye palette in 'Prism'                                    Eye palette packaging                                   Eye palette in 'Atmosphere'
Each of these stunning eye palettes includes a trio of shades, ideal for making a smoky eye, and a double ended foam applicator. They are described as highly pigmented, buildable metallic colours with amazing colour pay-off which can also be used wet to intensify your look. 'Prism' consists of a silver, pink and black trio of shadows whilst 'Atmosphere' contains gold, green and purple.

Granite, Stardust, Panther, Thorn
The nail polishes in this collection are the same 'fast drying, extra long wear' formula as the existing ones and come in a truly amazing range of shades: 'Granite' a  dark charcoal grey, 'Stardust' a clear polish containing square flecks of gold glitter, 'Panther' a mixture of silver and black hexagonal shaped glitter suspended once again in a clear polish and finally 'Thorn', the most perfect deep blood red colour.

Fawn, Onyx, Wicked
Onto the final touches, the 2 new lipsticks come from opposite sides of the colour spectrum with 'Fawn' being a peachy nude and 'Wicked' a deep pinky/browny red, or burgundy for lack of a better word! Both boast a velvet finish to moisturise and nourish your lips whilst giving a vibrant slick of colour. As usual for Topshop, the mascara just comes in black with a slightly different shape brush and the packaging to match. It should keep your lashes looking long and fabulous, and can be built up for extra volume and va va voom!

As a finishing touch, the brand have filmed a make-up tutorial featuring Hannah Murray creating  a fresh faced but fitting look on the model to fit in with the collection. Feel free to watch this below!

What do you think of the new collection? Will you be buying any of it and trying out the above look?

Rachel x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekend Wishlist #3

1, 2, 3, 4

1. My oxblood fetish is starting to take its toll on my wardrobe, and this dress from Topshop is no exception; with the versatile fairisle print styling up an otherwise simple skater style dress. Could it get any better?! Why yes, yes it could and it's the back of this dress that just pulls it all together with its deep v and slim strap which looks like it's in exactly the right place to hide those pesky bra straps. This also comes in grey, and I'm definitely contemplating being sneaky and purchasing both.. I'm in dress heaven!

2. It's not as if I don't have enough nail varnish these days, what with my stash slowly taking my entire room, but I just couldn't help but lust after this beauty! The silver and black hexagonal chunks of glitter suspended in this clear nail polish would look beautiful for a full on glitter nail over the Christmas period or even just a light coat over a nude polish if you're not feeling so brave. This comes as part of a new seasonal range for the store which I shall be telling you lovelies about in a blog post coming soon!

3. How pretty are these?! For some reason these remind me a little of the various Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume bottles, and for someone who doesn't tend to wear anything other than studs these would be a perfect step to something a bit dressier earring-wise. AND THEY'RE SOOO SPARKLY, you know how I am for anything with a sparkle to it, I just have to have it! 

4. A simple, elegant but modern take on the black bag which would look fabulous with anything. I'm loving the gold detailing on the closure and the slim chain strap.

What items are you going crazy for this weekend?

Rachel x

Friday, 12 October 2012

Win: Jeffrey Campbells!

Ever fancied a pair of the fabulous Jeffrey Campbell's but like me have been put off by the rather hefty price tag? Well here is your chance to win a pair from the lovely Glamorous who are now stocking them on their online shop! For your chance to win just click on this link to enter. There are many ways to do so and you can do more than one to gain even more entries and even more of a chance to win. 

So what are you waiting for? Go go go!

Rachel x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Missing in Action!?

Hello my sweeties, long time no blog! Apologies for that if any of you have actually missed me, I'm hoping to get back into posting now my life is (hopefully) somewhat calmer now. It's been a hectic couple of months.. 
After a lovely couple of holiday's sunning it up in Majorca earlier on in the year and Lanzarote late July, my moments of calm got destroyed after working 12 hour days most days of the week and frantically trying to sort out when exactly I'm supposed to be back at uni, which is harder than it sounds when your uni is so unorganised it couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. I'm supposed to be back this week I believe yet am still without a timetable.. can you believe it?! Anyway, enough of my moaning. How have you lovelies been? I hope you had nice summer holidays, how are you finding being back at school/college/uni or other?

I'm already in planning for my next post where I shall be announcing something rather exciting that happened to me recently, some of you who follow me on Twitter (@racheelhart) may already know however I thought it'd make for something a bit fun on here!

Rachel x

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Weekend Wishlist #2 - Topshop Special!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

For this week's wishlist I've decided to do a Topshop theme - purely by accident, it just worked out that my five faves for this week were all from the same damn shop! Hope you enjoy.

1. I've had a thing for aztec prints for a good few weeks now, but have been trying to work out how I could get away with wearing it in a way that would suit and flatter my figure. Having slightly curvier legs and hips (as well as being stupidly self concious) made me feel like I couldn't get away with the printed leggings or bodycon dresses as of late, so when I saw this I was in love! It has the sweetest straps and neckline as well as being the perfect shape for me!

2. I already own two of these skater skirts in the black and speckly grey colours, so when I saw this I just couldn't let it go. It's now sitting patiently in my basket begging pay day to come faster before it sells out again!

3. I'm obsessed with studs and all things pretty, so these are just THE perfect mix for me. They'd look great to rock up a pretty summer dress or just to relax in with my skinnies and a cute cardi. I'll just have to remember not to wear these alllll the time like I did my last pair of ballet shoes as they don't seem to like the weather!

4. I'm quickly gaining an ever increasing collection of pinky nude lipsticks, and this may well be next on my list. It's described as 'pale pink' - which I'd have to agree with - and the shade really suits it's name Innocent. It's safe to say my love for Topshop lipsticks is fast growing.

5. I've been umming and ahhing for what seems like forever over whether to get some form of collar like this - the only con being that being blessed with melons in the chest area, high necklines aren't as flattering on me, but I'm in awe over this. I just love the fact that it's tips and a necklace in one! Whilst I may not be buying this, I can always dream of it (and a flatter chest!)

Are you loving Topshop as much as me at the moment? What's on your wishlist for this week?

Rachel x

Friday, 15 June 2012

today's haul

12, 3
(All from River Island)

45, + free gift!
(All from Boots)

Today has been my first Friday off work in what feels like forever - cue a much needed shopping spree (albeit a smallish one)!  Nevertheless I managed to pick up a few bits along the way so I thought I'd show you guys what I managed to find!

1. I saw this a couple of weeks ago when it first appeared online and fell in love. I've been after a cut out shoulder top ever since I saw Lily in one from Topshop but I couldn't find one I liked enough and that suited my figure too until I came across this baby in my local River Island. I don't think this picture does it justice at all as it looks so much nicer on. The straps have the most beautiful, coloured beaded detailing and the fit is just divine - not too fitted but not as 'sack-like' as a lot I've seen as of late. It'll be perfect for when I go to Lanzarote in July to add a bit of colour to my holiday wardrobe or even with a pair of leggings at home!

2. I just thought these were adorable - not the classiest pair of earrings I own but they're so cute! Any kind of sun will do me at the moment considering the horrible weather. The only downside I've found to these is that they're so big that they cover my second ear piercings too! Ah well, it's something I can live with.

3. More jewellery! I don't think I've ever bought so much jewellery in my life as I have recently, it's becoming a bad habit! Once again I bought this spontaneously as I just thought it was so pretty and I've actually been after a chunkyish ring for a while and this just fits the bill!

4. I've been putting off buying myself a new mascara for ages, I guess it's just not something I like spending a lot on, but when I saw that Boots were doing an offer on their 17 range where you could get this festival kit free, I just couldn't say no! I adore the packaging and after trying this out before I think I'm going to be wearing it a heck of a lot, it gave my lashes such a nice look without being too clumpy. I might actually review this for you guys at a later date.

5.  I'm a huge lipstick lover, and after purchasing 17's Lasting Fix Lipstick in Dreamy last week I decided to buy this on a whim. It's a slightly different formula and a more nudey/natural pink in colour and slides on amazingly. I always kind of felt like this brand was aimed at younger girls who are trying out their first makeup products, but my mind has been completely changed recently and I feel that 17 have really upped their game! I think this is fast going to become my go-to lipstick!

6. I'm not much of a lipgloss fan, but again, I thought I'd be daring and see how I manage with this. I think the thing that drew me to it, apart from the cute peachy colour, was the fact that it is supposed to add volume to your lips - something in which I lack. I could definitely feel it tingling as I put this on earlier, so hopefully it will work a treat!

What are your favourite recent purchases? What are your thoughts on 17 makeup? 

Rachel x

Monday, 11 June 2012

here i go again on my own

So hello once more, I'm Rachel; a nineteen year old business and marketing student from Manchester who spends far too much time and money (student loan included!) on clothes and make up. Before I think I was aiming too high, I was focusing too much on what I thought other people would like by likening myself to other blogs, but this times round I'm doing it my way! There will certainly still be a lot of fashion and beauty as those are two things that seem to rule my life at the moment, but I'm going to include as many aspects of my life here, and hopefully you guys can relate to some of it! I'm actually a huge bookworm so may post about the latest books I've read, and just other aspects of my every day life!

Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself? I'd love to hear from you!

Rachel x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

It's been too long...

The last couple of months have flown by without any blogging from me! I think the last time I was here I was about to go to Majorca for the week with my boyfriend, which turned out wonderful. Sadly I had to come back to the hell that was exams, which have also passed! So it turns out I'M FREE (partially!). I've been busy the last couple of weeks working my arse off down at the hospital trying to help cover shifts where I can, I think I may have even taken on too much though as I've been feeling a little run down for the past week!

I feel as though I really need to get back into blogging - it only occured to me a couple of days ago whilst reading one of my favourites how much I've missed it. I think before I was trying a wee bit too hard to try and keep up to date with other blogs whilst trying to match up to/comparing myself to them, which is bloody stupid of me as they're so well established now and I'm still a bit of a noob on here! I'm thinking of taking time to revamp my blog and restart it off in a direction that is totally me, which shouldn't be too hard! There'll still be plenty of beauty and fashion as they tend to be my favourite things a lot of the time, but I may start just sharing more of my life! I think a new introduction post may even be needed!

Any how, I hope you've all been keeping well, and I'd love to hear from someone - I really need to meet some new people!

Rachel x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Midweek update 05/04/12

Eek, I've not posted in a while but I've been super busy the last two weeks picking up extra shifts at both my jobs but hey, it's extra money and I need it by the ton at the moment as I've just been doing some last minute holiday shopping before I go away on Saturday! I finally got these shoes from River Island which I posted in my last weekend wishlist, albeit a different colour, but they will be perfect to take away with me!

I've spent quite a bit this week as after seeing Caroline in these leggings I just couldn't resist ordering them, as well as this limited edition lipstick that I've had in my basket for ages. I was worrying that they wouldn't come before I go away as it said they'd be here by Monday at the latest, but to my excitement they were on my bed when I got home today! The leggings are amazing, and the lip tint is so so pretty!

I'm writing this on the fullest stomach I think I've ever had - just been out for a family meal to a local Tapas restaurant before I go away. Being surrounded by so much nice food made me pig out, but hey why not? I've been good for weeks!

Tomorrow I'm getting a manicure and pedicure done with my boyfriend's mum as a late birthday present for when we go away, and then it's home to pack and get ready to leave on Saturday! If I've not mentioned it before, I'm off to Majorca for a week with the boyfriend for his 21st! Cannot wait as I've not been abroad since I was back in secondary school!

Hope you're all well, are any of you going away over the weekend? What do you have planned for Easter?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Midweek update 22/03/12

01. With university, shopping and driving lessons, this week has flown by so far. Today consists of tidying my absolute tip of a room so I have more space for all my purchases. I've also been clearing out my wardrobe - another excuse to go shopping to fill it back up, not that I need one!

02. My second Joliebox arrived this morning and I almost went flying down the stairs to get to the door in time to get it from the postman. My near accident was seriously worth it though! *Spoiler* This month's box is the first to have all  full sized products! I can't wait to get a review done later this week.

03. I went on yet another shopping spree yesterday, this time my excuse was to find things for my holidays as I'm going to Spain in just over 2 weeks! I got this lovely jumpsuit from River Island which I could wear either on it's own or over bikini's on the beach as a cover up as well as a cute little bracelet. I also got some cheapo glaidator sandals and yet another zip up hoody from Primark (don't judge me!) I even managed to pick up some bits and bobs from Boots including some exfoliating mitts and hair removal cream. Overall a pretty good haul for just over an hours work! I'll try and get some pictures up later.

Have you been up to anything exciting this week?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekend Wishlist #1


01.  I saw this just tonight in the 'just in' section and instantly fell in love. I feel it's the perfect mix of cute but quirky - I've got to say the cut out back and skirt pattern make this dress. This would perfect for when I go away in just under three weeks time, the only thing I'm wondering about before purchasing it is whether it will fit me right around the waist - having a big rib cage is a pain in the arse and means my waist is slightly lower than some dresses cater for.

02. I've had my eye on these since they popped up on the River Island website a couple of weeks and now I'm really regretting not getting them when I could as they've sold out in every size except 3 and 8, talk about extremes! Going to keep my eye out to see whether they get any more in stock, they are also available in a lighter version but they just weren't the same.. I loved these cause of the leopard print bow!

03. I've had an obsession with anchors since I was tiny so was squealing when I saw this.. until I realised this too was out of stock. I would've worn this oversized chunky necklace over a plain top as anything else would be too cluttered. Again I'll be keeping my eye out to see if they get any back in stock or I can find an alternative.

04. After recently returning to my ways of being a nail polish junkie I've been waiting to try out the Topshop polishes as I've heard good things about them. I thought this was the sweetest nude shade which would be perfect for wearing at work where I'm not supposed to wear any. Natural, but really really pretty.

Sunday Update 18/03/12

01. Well it's Mother's Day and my first proper post. Bought my Mum this cute blouse from Next, think I may be pinching it at some point, as well as some flowers. Spent the day with family over and stuffing myself with a Roast Dinner. Now it's time for a much needed lazy afternoon with the odd glass of wine to end the day.

02. This week has gone really fast actually. After having recovered from some god awful cold earlier in the week I had yet another driving lesson Tuesday, which once again went well, which I followed by moving in with my boyfriend for the week at his Dad's to house sit and look after the cat whilst he was away. That was a great experience. Being honest, it may have been weird at first being together 24/7 but it was really nice and I can definitely see us moving together hopefully in the not too distant future. I also managed to finish the last of my assignments for my first year at university which is a relief. Bring on the exams then I'm done for the year!

03. Like probably everyone else at the moment I have a thing for leather, whether it be faux or real, and whilst I've got this H&M faux leather skater dress from before Christmas, I missed out on there pleated skirt. However I luckily managed to get my hands on  the last available version by Oasis from here. Hopefully that'll come in the next few days as I can't wait to try it out.

04. Finally managed to fit time in to get a trim too, and after spending maybe 6 months or more trying out a centre parting I finally decided to go back to my trademark side fringe and get my layers put in a bit more. I'm feeling better than ever. I love how something as simple as a change in hairstyle can make you feel better about how you look, even if it is for a short period!
How has your week been? Made any exciting purchases?

Friday, 24 February 2012

An introduction

So I was thinking... before I start posting for good,  it would be rude of me not to introduce myself!

I'm Rachel, a nineteen year old business and marketing student from Manchester. After a couple of years break I've decided to come back to blogging - it's such a good way to write down your thoughts, and maybe even relate to others. However unlike last time, it won't be any of the emotional mid-teen crises. I've decided to take a more grown up outlook on things this time round and will just post about what I've been getting up to as well as my interests - I'm thinking outfit posts to get me making the most out of my wardrobe again as well as attempting to push myself to review things in order to get myself out of my beauty rut!

You'll have to let me know what you think. But for now, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself. Is there anything you'd like to see me post about?

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