Sunday, 14 October 2012

Weekend Wishlist #3

1, 2, 3, 4

1. My oxblood fetish is starting to take its toll on my wardrobe, and this dress from Topshop is no exception; with the versatile fairisle print styling up an otherwise simple skater style dress. Could it get any better?! Why yes, yes it could and it's the back of this dress that just pulls it all together with its deep v and slim strap which looks like it's in exactly the right place to hide those pesky bra straps. This also comes in grey, and I'm definitely contemplating being sneaky and purchasing both.. I'm in dress heaven!

2. It's not as if I don't have enough nail varnish these days, what with my stash slowly taking my entire room, but I just couldn't help but lust after this beauty! The silver and black hexagonal chunks of glitter suspended in this clear nail polish would look beautiful for a full on glitter nail over the Christmas period or even just a light coat over a nude polish if you're not feeling so brave. This comes as part of a new seasonal range for the store which I shall be telling you lovelies about in a blog post coming soon!

3. How pretty are these?! For some reason these remind me a little of the various Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume bottles, and for someone who doesn't tend to wear anything other than studs these would be a perfect step to something a bit dressier earring-wise. AND THEY'RE SOOO SPARKLY, you know how I am for anything with a sparkle to it, I just have to have it! 

4. A simple, elegant but modern take on the black bag which would look fabulous with anything. I'm loving the gold detailing on the closure and the slim chain strap.

What items are you going crazy for this weekend?

Rachel x

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