Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekend Wishlist #3

1. Tee 2. Skirt 3. Cardigan 4. Boots 5. Lipstick

The last few weeks have been super busy, and super exhausting. With exams all go go go I've been getting less and less sleep and the anxiety has been creeping up on me.. but, I've only got one to go, and a couple of weeks later I'll be popping up off to Edinburgh to house and cat sit for my lovely auntie! It'll be so so good to get away for a while, to get some time to myself and finally start to relax! So, for this week's wishlist I thought it'd be fun to get together a few items I'd love to be able to take with me and wear the hell out of!

1. Acid wash/burned out tees are definitely in right now, and so so me. I can imagine myself wearing this River Island tee with all sorts... jeans, skirts, shorts.. the list is endless! I love tshirts, super comfy, yet they can be super stylish! I thought this would look cute with the next item, to toughen it up slightly. I'm all about mixing and matching.

2. How gorgeous is this skirt from New Look? I'm a big fan of skater skirts as they skim over my hips and nip me in at my waist, and they are so versatile. I'm not usually a pinky person, especially this shade, but it's just too pretty! Like I said before, I can see myself teaming this up with tees like this one to toughen up the look and make it a little less girly. It'd be perfect for summer.

3. I've always had a thing for cardigans, and constantly find myself wearing one to cover up bits of my body I'm not so keen on (helloooo wobbly arms and bum) and to keep cosy. I love the print and colour palette of this, and the belt just gives it that little extra! 

4. I've always been a fan of chelsea boots, but have always been scared by these heeled types... being pretty tall as well as clumsy doesn't half make it hard to walk in heels, of any height! These  ones from Missguided look like they'd be pretty comfortable and easy though with the platform which I am loving. I think I'd pair these with something like the skirt, again to give it a bit of an edge.

5. Ahhhhhh, lipstick. It seems so long since I bought yet another addition to my quickly growing lip collection (in reality it's probably been about 2 weeks...) and this may definitely have to end that. Topshop's Rio Rio looks to be a gorgeous bright red, a colour I love to wear on my lips, but don't enough!

Who else is suffering with the exam blues? What's on your wishlist this weekend?

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