Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Update 18/03/12

01. Well it's Mother's Day and my first proper post. Bought my Mum this cute blouse from Next, think I may be pinching it at some point, as well as some flowers. Spent the day with family over and stuffing myself with a Roast Dinner. Now it's time for a much needed lazy afternoon with the odd glass of wine to end the day.

02. This week has gone really fast actually. After having recovered from some god awful cold earlier in the week I had yet another driving lesson Tuesday, which once again went well, which I followed by moving in with my boyfriend for the week at his Dad's to house sit and look after the cat whilst he was away. That was a great experience. Being honest, it may have been weird at first being together 24/7 but it was really nice and I can definitely see us moving together hopefully in the not too distant future. I also managed to finish the last of my assignments for my first year at university which is a relief. Bring on the exams then I'm done for the year!

03. Like probably everyone else at the moment I have a thing for leather, whether it be faux or real, and whilst I've got this H&M faux leather skater dress from before Christmas, I missed out on there pleated skirt. However I luckily managed to get my hands on  the last available version by Oasis from here. Hopefully that'll come in the next few days as I can't wait to try it out.

04. Finally managed to fit time in to get a trim too, and after spending maybe 6 months or more trying out a centre parting I finally decided to go back to my trademark side fringe and get my layers put in a bit more. I'm feeling better than ever. I love how something as simple as a change in hairstyle can make you feel better about how you look, even if it is for a short period!
How has your week been? Made any exciting purchases?

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