Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Birchbox: April 2013

Another month, another beauty box; this time it's Birchbox! Despite never posting about them before, I've been a subscriber to Birchbox, formerly Joliebox for well over a year now. Shocking, I know. So, whilst I'm trying to get my blog up and running, good and proper, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on this month's products. Apologies in advance for the slightly dodgy lighting, the sun just couldn't make it's mind up whether to stay in or out!

This month's box is all about embracing a brighter outlook, ready for when Spring finally decides to show itself! The magazine cover showcased a gorgeous  pink blossom-type flower, perfectly matching the 'in bloom' theme of the box (sorry, I couldn't find mine hence no picture of it #badblogger). Onto the products:

This is enriched with plenty of antioxidants and has even been dubbed as a hero serum for retaining a youthful appearance. I'm not too sure why this is in my box, being twenty I feel a wee bit young to begin using this type of product yet, and with the use of beauty profiles I would've thought the product would have been better tailored to suit it. However, I am intrigued and may give this a go in order to keep my youthful glow... That or I'll pass it on to Momma Hart ;)

Can I just say, how beautiful is this packaging?! There's something quite oriental and retro about it, I love it. The soap itself has quite a strong scent, not something I'd pick for myself but it is quite lovely. I'm not sure this will get used as we prefer liquid soap in our house, these types always tend to make a mess.. but I may well pop it into my drawers to make them smell nice!

Another product not too dissimilar from the Clinique Chubby Sticks, but in a slimmer, less easy to use form - this one needs to be sharpen when it goes blunt rather than be wound up. Nevertheless, it's something I'll definitely use. I love a good lip product. I got the shade '14. Perfect Kiss', which is a lovely deep rosey pink shade. It has a lovely smell and quite a shimmery finish, something I don't usually go for, but it's definitely wearable!

With celebrity fans such as the one and only Victoria Beckham and Adele, this definitely looks promising. Skin Food is said to be a nourishing and hydrating treatment for the whole body, and as someone who suffers with severe dryness from time to time I think this sample will be gone in no time!

Natio has always been a brand I've been interested in trying out, mostly due to its pure and natural products. This cleanser is no different; it's completely soap free and has a neutral PH to prevent stripping essential moisture from the skin. Again, I tend to suffer from dry patches on my face, mostly around my nose and cheeks, and a lot of cleansers seem to make this worse so I'm looking forward to testing this out!

Birchbox | Paname Paris Mirror
As this month's little extra, Birchbox have added this wee little mirror. The design is super cute and it's perfect for carrying around for any touchups, the only downside being that as it's not compact it will more than likely get scratched from ending up at the bottom of my bag, so I'll have to take care of it!

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this months box, I wouldn't say I'm overwhelmed, but there's a nice variety of products, the majority of which will be put to good use.

What do you think of this months Birchbox? Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? If you'd like to see any of this month's products reviewed let me know!

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