Monday, 8 April 2013

NOTD: Bleu Canard

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@sundaisyblog) may well already know the little dilemma I had earlier.. What colour should I paint my nails!? I know, I know #girlproblems and all that. After a couple of hours deliberation - yes, my nail varnish collection really is that vast (that and the fact I'm absolutely rubbish at making decisions)! - I came across this little number.

Maybelline Express Finish in Bleu Canard (865) is a gorgeous peacock-like turquoise green with a subtle shimmer running throughout. Application was made easy by the flat brush (sorry guys, forgot to get a picture of it!) and the quick drying formula. The bottle boasts a drying time of 40 seconds and I can tell you  it did in fact dry pretty darn quickly compared to others in my collection, a quality us fidgety gals lust after in a polish. Whilst the initial application was slightly streaky, it became opaque and perfect by the second. 

Sadly, I have a feeling this shade has been discontinued, but I believe it can be found on the likes of Amazon and the usual culprits!

What's your NOTD? Have you tried any of the Maybelline Express Finish polishes?


  1. This is such a pretty colour! It's such a shame when company's discontinue products xx

    1. Isn't it just? Perfect for summer, and I reckon it'd be even better with a tan! I know, it's sad. I'm gonna have to ration it now :( xx


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